Brand Identity + Development

Your brand is a promise you make to your clients. It is their first impression, how you are recalled and how you resonate with them. More than just a logo, your brand identity is composed of everything that a person sees and interprets: style, tone, colors, fonts, image style and of course, your logo. It not only expresses your own values and preferences, but should also speak to your target audience.  Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business, an established business looking to rebrand, a political candidate or an individual, we can help you establish your tone and style visually and through messaging. 

Logo Design + Identity

The logo is the first visual impression a person has to connect you with your brand. It is likely the thing they will recall the easiest, and should be representative of your business or campaign.


After an initial conversation to learn more about you and what you represent, we'll provide you with our Logo planning worksheet to help you think through some of your needs and preferences. Over the course of two weeks (more or less depending on your timeframe), we'll craft 3-4 concepts for you to consider based on industry and market research as well as your values and interests. From there, we will work to finalize a concept, whether one was perfect from the start, needs slight tweaks or a change of direction. Once perfect, we will provide you with the logo in a variety of different file types for use among different applications, along with a style guide for your reference.

Messaging + Content Creation

Hey sometimes you know that you need an important piece of collateral, but you aren't exactly sure what that looks like or how it should be worded to fit your brand and reach your audience. Well, we can help you figure out the best strategy and work with you along the way to fine tune the final product.